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AL-Mansour/Baghdad-Iraq/Sec. 609 – st. 35 – villa 26

0783 302 7460

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EarthLink Company 

Client: EarthLink Company. System Size: 63.6 KW . System Type: Hybrid Solar A/C System. The number of air...
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Iraqi Industrial Bank – Al-Wathba Branch

Client: Industrial Bank of Iraq Installation Site: The Industrial Bank of Iraq Branch Building...
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Iraqi Industrial Bank – Local Governmental Office

Client: Iraqi Industrial Bank. Installation Site: Iraqi Industrial Bank – Local Governmental...
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Midland Oil Company – Al-Kut                             

Client: Midland Oil Company. Installation Site: Al-Kut. Location: 44.400224,33.335912 System...
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Iraqi Industrial Bank – Al-Zaafaranya Branch

Client: Industrial Bank. Installation Site: Building of Iraqi Industrial Bank– Al-Zaafaranya...
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Iraqi Industrial Bank – Hilla Branch

Client: Rafidain Bank. Installation Site: Rafidain Bank Branch Building – Rusafa Almahkama...